Royal Oak – Premium Grain Whisky

“Too much of anything is bad but too much of good whisky is barely enough.”

Royal Oak Gold Edition


Royal Oak Gold edition is a rare premium whiskeywith a unique blend of triple distilled grain spirit.
Crafted by the amalgamation of 25 year old aged Indian malts and selective scotch, the brand upholds its distinct taste and savor. Best Indian Whisky contains aromatic essence filled with woody and warm rich finish, delicate to the palette giving it the royal feel as the name suggests.

“Royal Oak Whisky satiates your desires and heals your soul.”

The whisky, an exilir for the taste buds has a tinge that always stands out relishing the flamboyant coalesce. Matured with Oak barrels for centuries, the happy accident of whiskey has accomplished the nativity of Royal Oak. Being one of the most important components in Whiskey making, oak is of immense significance with the brand.

The golden hue of the color along with the rich woody aroma offers an exhilarating experience making it the connoisseur’s ultimate delight.

Royal Oak India

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Royal Oak has been successfully launched in Goa, Delhi and Mumbai marking its beginning in India.


Royal Oak will be soon available in:
Madhya Pradesh.


Royal Oak India Map

“Royal Variants”

“3 Sizes, Blended as One.”

Royal Oak Gold Edition 750ml


Best Indian Whisky


Best Indian Whisky